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The Jason’s Cradle® is used all over the world throughout the maritime industry. It has become an essential piece of equipment for all commercial and military vessels. Used around the globe by offshore, military, rescue agencies, coastguards, passenger liners, superyachts and RIB operators the Jason’s Cradle is the go to product for man overboard retrieval.

Since the implementation of SOLAS III/17-1 it is now incumbent on all commercial vessels to have in place effective plans and procedures for the retrieval of persons from the water. Jason’s Cradle® can help you to meet these regulations effectively and efficiently with a proven solution to man overboard retrieval.

Jason’s Cradle® enables a horizontal lift and so vastly reduces the possibility of “dry drowning” – more commonly known as Circum Rescue Collapse. The Jason’s Cradle ensures quick deployment and efficient retrieval of the casualty often in environments where every second counts.

Jason’s Cradle® allows the retrieval of casualties who are unable to assist themselves due to injury, or high freeboard.


Select the best system for your vessel





Available in widths up to 105 cm the Standard unit is suitable for most vessels with up to 5m freeboard.



The FRC Kit is suitable for all Fast Rescue Craft and is offered in two width options and with fixings for either RIBS or hard hulls.



The Rescue Stretcher unit is suitable for high sided vessels, diver recovery and quayside rescue and is offered in two sizes.



The Scramble Net is suitable for high sided vessels, larger rescue zones and mass recovery/evacuation. Availble in widths up to 2.1 metres. Multiple units can be used for wider rescue zones.

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Jason’s Cradle Military Spec MOB Kits. Available as MORS Stretcher and FRC Kit format.NSN coded and specified by UK MOD.Used by military clients throughout the world.SOLAS Type Approved by Lloyd’s Register and guaranteed for 3 years.

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The Jason’s Cradle FEL Kit allows retrieval of casualties onto a fully enclose lifeboat. The unique design of this specialist kit enables the crew to retrieve the MOB via the hatch of the FEL. Supplied with stainless steel stanchion and block and tackle.

Bespoke sizes also available.

For large or unusual sizes please contact us for a consultation on the most suitable system for your vessel.



Tried and tested solutions for man overboard retrieval.


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For enquiries regarding the UK and worldwide distribution of the Jason's Cradle water rescue and marine safety equipment, please contact your local distributor. To find your local distributor click on the map below.

UK & Europe Placeholder
UK & Europe
USA Placeholder
Rest of World Placeholder
Rest of World
Location Company Name Contact Telephone Number Email Address
Aberdeen Blue Anchor Fire & Safety Ltd Scott Skinner 01346 511050 scott@blueanchor-fs.co.uk
Aberdeen Ocean Safety Ltd Aiden Morrissey +44 (0) 1224 871 764 offshore@oceansafety.com
Aberdeen Viking Life-Saving Equipment Ltd Mette Line Pedersen 01224 898969 mlp@viking-life.com
Glasgow Ocean Safety Ltd Michael Scott 01475 745412 glasgow@oceansafety.com
Great Yarmouth Viking Life-Saving Equipment Ltd Kevin Banks 01493 850250 service-gre@viking-life.com
Iceland Hafsport ehf Torvaldur Hafberg +3546125441 valdi@hafsport.is
Ireland CH Marine Ltd Stephen Hickey +353 (0)21 4315700 stephen@chmarine.com
Liverpool Viking Life Saving Equipment Norway AS Rita Earhart +47 815 00 325 rce@viking-life.com
Norway Liferafts International Ltd Tim Ball 01513 362740 mail@liferafts.biz
Norway Viking Life Saving Equipment Norway AS Rita Earhart +47 815 00 325  rce@viking-life.com
Plymouth Ocean Safety Ltd Iain Cooke 01752 895855 plymouth@oceansafety.com
Portugal J. L. GANDARA Y CIA, S.A. Jose Luis Goyoaga + 34 94 423 23 39 astilleros@gandara-sa.com
Southampton Ocean Safety Ltd Steve Bockett 02380 720800 sbockett@oceansafety.com
Southampton Viking Life-Saving Equipment Ltd Barrie Durrant 02380 454184 bd@viking-life.com
Denmark Pro-Safe Reflection A/S Soren West [45] 329 52878 west@pro-safe.dk
Denmark Uni-Safe A/S Kim Larsen [45] 328 60542 kl@unisafe.dk
Denmark Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S Lasse Schmidt Nielsen [45] 761 18200 LSN@viking-life.com
Finland Oy Rymaco AB Ilkka Konu [358] 989 46560 ilkka.konu@rymaco.fi
France Freedom Maritime Alex Mutch [33] 493 340 168 alex@freedom-maritime.com
France Seimi Equipments Marine Bruno Parage [02] 984 611 02 bruno@seimi.com 
Germany VIKING Life-Saving Equipment GmbH & Co. KG Stefanie Schulz [49] 407 310 530 VIKING-D@viking-life.com
Germany Wildhargen Marine-Services GmbH Matthias Zink [49] 431 713 809 matthiaszink@wildhagen-marine.de
Italy Canepa & Campi Srl Marco Campi 0039 010 7261006 mcampi@canepaecampi.com
Italy Ital-Cer S.r.l Stefano Cosmacini [39] 019 216 5214 info@ital-cer.com
Italy Versilia Supply Service Stefano Tomei [39] 058 438 7461 stefano@versilia.it
Netherlands Datema Delfzijl B.V. Rob Heerlijn [31] 596 635 252 rob@datema.nl
Poland Parker Poland Chris Scott [48] 22 785 1111 parker@parker.com.pl
Portugal J. Garraio & C.A LDA Luis Nascimento [351] 213 473 081/2/3 info@jgarraio.pt
Russia KAMPO Company Iakov Brodetskiy +7 916 1947191 brodetskiy@kampo.ru
Spain Wiresa Emilio Costosco [34] 914 110 285 ecostoso@wiresa.com
Spain Tridente SL Puri Diaz + 34 986 447 446 pdiaz@tridentesl.com
Turkey VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT ISTANBUL DENIZCILIK TIC AS Mehmet Erdogan +902165933179 ME@viking-life.com
Croatia Viking Life Saving Equipment Bozen Jurac +385 (0)99 506 82 03 BJU@viking-life.com 
Estonia PRO MARINE TRADE Valdo Kreos +372 601 2880 valdo.kreos@promarine.ee 
Majorca OS Safety Equipment Sl Yessica Llabres 0034 971 247211 yessica@oscarsierra.com 
Brazil Viking Life-Saving Equipment Adriana Lourenco +55 21 25 16 50 05 ALOU@viking-life.com 
Chile Equipos Marinos Ltda Christian Rogers +56 9999 75059 chrogers@eqmarino.cl 
Mexico Promarmex Joazin Fernando Estrada Garcia 938-381-3900 compras@promarmex.com 
Panama Rocayol Safety & Industrial Center Yaznay B Herrera +507- 301-0085 yherrera@rocayol.com 
USA Sea Safety international Inc Dwight Norrgard 201-330-3225 dfn@seasafety.com 
USA   Viking Life-Saving Equipment Miami Dale Scott Kauffman 305-614-5754 DSK@viking-life.com 
Australia AMI Marine Lynton Perkins (08) 8249 3200   lyntonp@amisales.com.au 
China VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT TRADING (Shanghai) Co. Ltd George Zhao +86 21 62 89 99 22 JZHA@viking-life.com 
China Fine Ocean Marine Industrial Corp Ms. Huang 886-7-8155967 office@fineocean.com.tw 
South Africa Viking Life-Saving Equipment South Africa Kyle Andrews +27 21 514 5160  KAN@viking-life.com 
Dubai SOLAS Marine Services Co LLC Bhupendra Mhatre +971 4 2791359  bhupendra@solasmarine.com 
Location Company Name Contact Telephone Number Email Address
Alaska American Marine Intl James Morrison [1] 907-562-5420 jmorrison@amarinecorp.com
California High Seas Trading Inc Shawn Renaud [1] 310 513 0012 hstwest1@aol.com
California Survival Systems International Inc George Beatty [1] 760 749 6800 george@ssivc.com
Canada Equipment Survie Maritime Marie-Helene Gendron [1] 418-822-3003 info@esmquebec.com
Canada North Atlantic Marine Supplies & Services Inc Viscount [1] 709-738-6401 lviscount@namss.ca
Canada Spartan Industrial Marine Paul Johnston [1] 902-468-2111 pjohnston@spartanmarine.ca
Florida Donovan Marine Inc Linda Velez [1] 504 488 5731 lvelez@donovanmarine.com
Florida High Seas Trading Inc Marcos Hernandez [1] 305 358 7455 marcos@highseasusa.com
Florida Marine Rescue Technologies Inc Michael Ritchie [1] 772 388 1326 sos@marinerescuetechnologies.com
Louisiana Donovan Marine Inc Richie Benton [1] 504 488 5731 rbenton@donovanmarine.com
Louisiana Survival Systems International Inc John Hamilton [1] 504 469 4545 JohnH@ssinola.com
Mexico Promarmex Joazin Fernando Estrada Garcia 938-381-3900 compras@promarmex.com
Texas Donovan Marine Inc Vicky Varvaris [1] 713 734 4171 vickyv@donovanmarine.com
USA Sea Safety international Inc Dwight Norrgard 201-330-3225 dfn@seasafety.com
USA Viking Life-Saving Equipment Miami Dale Scott Kauffman 305-614-5754 DSK@viking-life.com
Washington Cap Sante International Alan Daniels [1] 360 293 3994 adaniels@capsanteintl.com
Location Company Name Contact Telephone Number Email Address
Australia Platypus Outdoors Group Pty Ltd Ryan Ford [61] 3 9796 5355 wholesale@platypusoutdoors.com.au
Australia AMI Marine Lynton Perkins (08) 8249 3200 lyntonp@amisales.com.au
Australia Survival Systems International Sam Dye [61] 3 5940 9841 info@ssiau.com
Brazil Viking Life-Saving Equipment Adriana Lourenco +55 21 25 16 50 05 ALOU@viking-life.com
China Oriental Huarui Science & Tech Developing Co.Ltd Mr Meng [86] 10 8887 2611 aisamarket@sohu.com
China VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT TRADING (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. George Zhao +86 21 62 89 99 22 JZHA@viking-life.com
China Fine Ocean Marine Industrial Corp. Ms. Huang 886-7-8155967 office@fineocean.com.tw
Chile Equipos Marinos Ltda Christian Rogers +56 9999 75059 chrogers@eqmarino.cl
Dubai SOLAS Marine Services Co LLC Bhupendra Mhatre +971 4 2791359 bhupendra@solasmarine.com
Hong Kong Seatac Marine Co / Multitop Daniel Chow [852] 2422 3666 daniel@multi-top.com.hk
Malaysia LMT Maritime Sdn BHD Ibrahim Ali B. HJ Abdul Wahab [60] 3 5510 6340 ibrahim@ibrgroup.com.my
Mexico Rocayol Safety & Industrial Center Yaznay B Herrera +507- 301-0085 yherrera@rocayol.com
Panama Proveedora Maritma De Mexico Sa De Cv Roger Rosique Ruiz [52] 937 37 228 00 rogerrosique@hotmail.com
Singapore Noah Agencies 'n' Marine Services PTE Ltd Eugene Wee [65] 6 267 0208 eugene_wee@noah.com.sg
Singapore Viking Life-Saving Equipment Pte Ltd Danny Ng [65] 6424 9200 DNG@viking-life.com
South Africa Nu-Quip (KZN) (Pty) Ltd Gerald Blenner-Hassett [27] 31 205 7451 geraldb@nuquip.co.za
South Africa Viking Life-Saving Equipment South Africa Kyle Andrews +27 21 514 5160 KAN@viking-life.com
South Korea KOSCO Co. Ltd Jong-Sik Lee [82] 51 405 0888 jslee@koscokorea.com
UAE Elcome International L.L.C. Thomas D'Sa [971] 4 404 9100 thomasdsa@elcome.ae
Uraguay Astilleros Nereus Daniel Trocki [598] 2 208 4566 trocki@netgate.com.uy



For enquiries regarding the Jason's cradle Man Overboard System, please contact your local authorised service centre.

Land & Marine Products Ltd

9-10 Redfields Industrial Park, 
Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire,
GU52 0RD
Contact. Production
Tel No: 01202 874365
Email: production@jasonscradle.co.uk
Website. www.jasonscradle.co.uk

Viking Life-Saving Equipment Ltd

Hamble Court, Hamble Lane, Southampton, SO31 4QL United Kingdom
Andy Cook
Telephone: (44) 2380 454184
E-Mail: aco@viking-life.com

3Si Offshore

Irvin House, Hareness Road, Altens Industrial Estate, Aberdeen, AB12 3LOE
David Hale
Telephone: +44 (0) 1224 871 764
E-Mail: dhale@3sioffshore.com


Liferafts International Ltd

Survival House, Clayhill Industrial Estate, Liverpool Road, Neston, South Wirral, CH64 3RH United Kingdom
Andrew Ball
Telephone: (44) 151 336 2740
E-Mail: mail@liferafts.biz

Ocean Safety Ltd - Southampton

Saxon Wharf, Lower York Street, Southampton, SO14 5QF United Kingdom
Luke Marks
Telephone: (44) 2380 720800
E-Mail: servicing@oceansafety.com

Ocean Safety - Glasgow

Unit 3, Carnock Street, Greenock, Inverclyde, PA15 1HB, United Kingdom
Michael Scott
Telephone: +44(0)1475 729 075
E-Mail: mscott@oceansafety.com


Ocean Safety - Plymouth

Unit 6, Langage Business Park, Eastern Wood Road, Plymouth, PL7 5ET
Iain Cook
Telephone: +44(0)1752 341787
E-Mail: icook@oceansafety.com

Survival Systems International

53 National Avenue Pakenham Victoria 3810 Australia
Sam Dye
Telephone: +61 3 5940 9841
E-Mail: info@ssiau.com

Datema Delfzijl B.V.

Zeesluizen 8, Delfzil, 9936 HX, Netherlands
Ronald de Boer
Telephone: (31) 596 635 252
E-Mail: sales@datema.nl

Pro-Safe Reflection A/S

MØllevangen 60, Korsor, Post Code 4220, Denmark
Soren West
Telephone: (45) 3295 2878
E-Mail: west@pro-safe.dk

VIKING Life-Saving Equipment GmbH & Co. KG

Liebigstrasse 67, Hamburg, D 22113, Germany
Marcel Marquardt
Telephone: (49) 40 731 053 21
E-Mail: MMAR@viking-life.com

Wildhagen Marine-Services GmbH

Braunstrasse 12 Kiel D-24145 Germany
Matthias Zink
Telephone: +49 (0) 431 713809
E-Mail: matthiaszink@wildhagen-marine.de

High Seas Trading Inc

45 NE 16th Street, Miami 33136 Florida USA
Marvin Gonzalez
Telephone: (1) 305 358 7455
E-Mail: marvin@highseasusa.com


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