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Military Rescue Stretcher

The Jason’s Cradle® Recovery Stretcher is the safest and most universally accepted method of rescuing a casualty from the water. The horizontal recovery position assists in enabling the casualty’s blood to remain in the upper torso helping to minimise the potentially fatal effects of Circum Rescue Collapse.

Information Centre


JC004 – General Information

JC107 – SOLAS Type Approval

JC119 – Servicing Guidelines

JC121 – Rescue Procedure

Useful Information

The design and construction of the Jason’s Cradle® Recovery Stretcher gives it a two-person lift capability. The Jason’s Cradle® Recovery Stretcher, often referred to as MORS (Man Overboard Recovery Stretcher) is in use with military clients around the world.

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Jason’s Cradle® – Military Rescue Stretcher

  • Speed and ease of deployment from high vessel freeboards.
  • The basket like format enables easy access.
  • Increase of efficiency and comfort levels of crews.
  • The Casualty is in a full horizontal position reducing circum-rescue collapse.
  • 2-person recovery allows for rescue swimmers to be recovered with the casualty.
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Product Details

Main Uses

Casualty Recovery, Body Recovery, Diver Support, Boarding Ladder


Available with 2 leg strops (long) or 3 leg strops (short)
Unit length 1,940mm

Technical Specification

  • Rungs: – Delrin 100T High Tensile Plastic
  • Centre/End Caps: – Polyethylene LDPE & HDPE
  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Link Components
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners Used Throughout
  • Fixing Clips Breaking Load 3200kg
  • SOLAS Certification
  • 1 tonne WLL Lifting Strops
  • Flotation Tubes
  • Tensile tested in excess of one metric tonne (2,205lbs)