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“After a difficult rescue operation, the survivor was rescued from the water by the crew of a Border Guard hovercraft. The rescued person was in good condition and did not need medical assistance. Officers from the Kashubian Border Guard Division patrolled the Baltic Sea with an SG-412 hovercraft. At one point they noticed a person in the water calling for help. The survivor was about 200 meters from the shore. The hovercraft commander immediately sounded a “man overboard” alarm. After reaching the person, the SG-412 crew used Jason’s Cradle, thanks to which the man was brought onto the deck and started helping him. The rescued person turned out to be… Santa Claus! Santa’s clothes were dried in the premises of the floating and hovercraft base in Stara Pasłęka so that he could continue his journey. Santa used the Border Guard maps to plan his further journey and deliver gifts to everyone on time.”

This story came to us courtesy of Parker Poland  (see our distributor listing for contact details) and the Kashubian Border Guard. The Border Guard operate several Griffon Hoverwork vessels outfitted with Jason’s Cradles for MOB retrieval.

Thank you to all concerned and we wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!